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Richie Lee

AssistDeploy 1.3 Is now Live


If you like your projects that release early and check in changes rapidly then you’ve come to the right place as 1.3 of AssistDeploy is out now. It is also available on Nuget and PowerShellGallery.

Super quick update: I’ve improved the testing of the json file against the project.params file that exists within the ISPAC. So now we can validate the environment variables and project parameters prior to a deployment. This is crucial as it now means we are protected against missing project params/environment variables in the json, which would otherwise cause a failed deployment. Better yet, say that there are typos between the names of parameters in the json and against the project.param list: the tests will now pick this up.

Another added bonus of this is that we cna now check for redundant entries within the json  - ie params/environment variables not deleted out of the json but have been removed form the project itself.

All these features have been added to Import-Json, so now a dev can run this function prior to checking in an updated json file and be confident that the validation should guarantee a deployment won’t fail because of a dodgy json file.

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