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Richie Lee

AssistDeploy Samples Repo Released


So AssistDeploy has been out for a little while now and so I decided to release the project I was using for testing during development. At the moment it uses just one scenario I used for testing as opposed to the several that I ran through. This is because initially I just want to provide a straightforward working sample.

What became quite a big challenge was the fact that you need more than just an Integration Services project. So I've included the database projects which will allow the dtsx package to run successfully post-deploy.


The set-up process takes a few minutes to run through as the post-deploy scripts in the database project can take some time.

Effort has been made to install as many of the dependencies as possible, but there are some pre-requisites. There's a small readme to help get started. Any questions post on the repo, or here.

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