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Simon Sabin

Feedback requests to Microsoft

If you didn’t know Microsoft has a number of channels to provide feedback. Most historically user connect (, it integrated with their internal bug tracking systems and meant that items flowed from the users to engineering and back. Well supposed to.


The SQL product group still use connect with a few teams also using Trello and or Slack Slack -

Visual studio is moving to from connect

and also has for ideas

VSTS has a great support and also uses MSDN, and takes requests on Uservoice

PowerBI has forums and uses user voice


If you feel that something is important raise it, if you have a repro even better, if you have a business case why they should invest even better. You can’t complain things aren’t improved unless you tell them.


At we know how valuable feedback is, how do you respond to your customers without it. This is the list of items we’ve raised or we think are important, that are either bugs or feature requests


SQL Server

Title Blog post Bug or Suggestion Version Status
The optimizer should be able to understand the invertability of built-in intrinsics on dates for the purposes of index sargability   Suggestion All Open
Support NuGet Package Manager in SQL Server BI projects (and other project types...)   Suggestion All Open
Make Microsoft.SqlServer.IntegrationServices.Management.dll redistributable   Suggestion All Closed
User defined function performance is unacceptable   Bug All Open
SSDT Ignores Parameter Sniffing DB Option   Bug   Open
SQL 2014 PowerShell Invoke-SqlCmd gives an error when -IncludeSqlUserErrors is included and no data is returned   Bug All Re-Opened
If you apply an equality filter on a column that is based on a partitioned windowed aggregate (lead or lag) the estimation is 1 when it should be related to the distinct values of the partition expression   Bug 2014+ Open
Syntactic Discrepancy causes SSDT to rebuild Constraint even though they are identical Bug All Open
Remove dependency for Microsoft Build Tools 2015 to be installed when using Microsoft.Data.Tools.Msbuild Suggestion All Active


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