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Data Engineering

A process built for progress.

We're an experienced data engineering consultancy.
Our DataOps approach will help you become better at delivering modern, robust data systems.
Data Devops - Think, Build, Operate

What is holding you back?

To understand your data landscape, we comprehensively review your existing platform and tooling, assessing it for efficiency and compatibility with your business needs.

We'll examine your team structure, culture and processes to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

We'll align our findings with your overarching business goals to ensure your data team is positioned to drive strategic objectives. This discovery process will allow us to provide tailored, actionable recommendations for your next steps.

Where do you need to be?

If you need a data platform built from scratch, we can deliver it.

If you have issues with an existing system, such as performance, stability, cost, or data integrity, we have the expertise to resolve them.

If your legacy system is out of support, incompatible with modern tooling, or not well understood, we can help you migrate to where you need to be.

Our consultants can implement cloud solutions, or optimise your use of existing cloud resources.

How quickly can you get there?

Our DataOps approach combines agile development practices, DevOps principles, and data management techniques to ensure speed, reliability, and quality of delivery.

We have developed custom tooling to accelerate the process, removing this technical burden from your team and enabling us to hit the ground running.

We help your team to adopt this approach, enabling them to build, test and deliver with speed, accuracy and trust, freeing your business to grow - fast.

We put people first.

We empower and enable you to change your systems so you can achieve your goals. Working together is better than as individuals.

We work as part of your team, collaborating to achieve the best outcome. Sharing knowledge is central to how we do things.

Work should be enjoyable and our ongoing support will lead to successful, happier teams. It's a win-win!