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Richie Lee

Join Us This Wednesday at The Impact Hub King's Cross

…Where I will be presenting on the headless SSDT release from Microsoft. So up front, this does not sound like a topic which requires much discussion: There’s a NuGet package. But it is what underlies the usage of this NuGet package is where the discussion is. When it comes to build servers, the idea behind what software that needs to be installed to support builds is generally “whatever is on the developers box, that also needs to be installed here.” And that is the way I used ot think. However, this idea upfront seems simple, but if you are supporting multiple projects on one build box (and to reduce redunancy on build agents you proably will be) you could have different versions of SSDT. And things can become more complex when you factor in the deploy story: if the deplyoments are executed on a separate box, how can you align the versions across boxes?

Clearly you can see this approach becomes untanable for larger organisations, and so we’ll be talking about the advantages of using NuGet packages for build/deploy artefacts and how NuGet can provide the iciing on the cake of an environment that makes use of DSC.

Full details can be found here:

Hope to see you there!

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