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Richie Lee

Where To Find Us at SQLBits


SQLBits is back! This year SQLBits is being hosted in the Grand Hallway at the Olympia which was opened way back in 1886. This marks the return of Bits to London, and in fact the south of England, for the first time since 2015. Back then it was hosted at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the East of London. If you have never heard of SQLBits before, I’d be very surprised as it is the largest SQL Server Conference in Europe and offers world class training.

But enough about the brief history lesson, let’s talk about what’s coming up with us at SQLBits this week!

Thursday Training

DevOps your DB

Simon D’Morias gives a talk on adopting DevOps with your databases. But more than that – it’s more of a BYODB to the precon to get it into SSDT. And supporting Simon will be myself, Mark Allison and Ed Elliott. It will be a great collaborative session!

Friday Talks

How to do DevOps for your Data Platform

Head honcho Simon Sabin gives a full and frank discussion about successfully applying DevOps to the Data Platform.

How to get your DB Devopsd

Simon D’Morias gives a practical example of the previous talk given by Simon Sabin by building a deployment pipeline for a database using VSTS and SSDT.

Saturday Talks

Azure SQL Database vs Cosmos DB

James Duggan discusses the differences between Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database, with the end goal of helping developers pick the right solution.

In addition to the talks and training, we have a stand at the back of the exhibition hall by Dynamo where you can find out more about who we are and what we do, as well as giving practical examples of some of the tools we have in our GitHub repo.

SQLBits is turning out to be bigger and better than ever, hope to see you there!

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